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How to add music?

Music brings life to your content creation . Here is a quick tutorial about how to add music on Voice Air -

How to add a video?

To create highly engaging content a video is a must. Here we have provided a quick tutorial of how to add video content.

How to export a project?

Here you will find a quick guide on how to export your content and save to your local device.

How to use Voice Air?

The user’s experience is very important to us and here you will find a walkthrough of Voice Air.

How do I ask for permission to use other people’s content?

You can use the voice and content of others with their consent. You need to get their permission before using their materials on voice cloning technology. Contact the creator (or ...

How do I find out if rights apply in the source materials I want to use?

Today, intellectual property and related rights apply to almost any content we make. Most rights do not need to be registered to apply; they arise when new content is created. Righ ...

How do I credit my source materials?

“Crediting your sources” means naming the person who created the materials you have used to generate your voice clone. You credit someone by attributing their name to ...

When can I use other people’s voice or content without their permission?

You are sometimes allowed to use someone else’s voice or content (like text or sound recordings) without their permission. This will be the case in limited circumstances incl ...

Is the API available?

Not yet but we will add it very soon.

How can I add sound effects to the audio?

It's not available within Voice Air right now, but we will have this in the near future.

How fast is the audio generation?

Audio is generated in several seconds. The system then undergoes post-production to achieve the quality you desire. The shorter the script, the faster your audio will generate.

Do you have a WordPress Blog Posts integration?

No, we don't have that feature.

Is Voice Cloning available?

Yes, it is. ElevenLabs provides this feature, which is one of the best Instant Voice Clone features available.

Is there a folder structure and sorting functionality available?

You can create multiple folders for multiple projects.

Can I use multiple languages within the project?

Yes, you sure can.

Is Project Editing available?

Yes, you have many options to be able to edit your projects, take a look at one of our many tutorials within our Knowledge Base.

How do I preview the audio?

You have the option to preview your generated audio, but please note that every time you preview, this will deduct characters from your allocated limits.

How do I find premium voices?

All the voices are premium; we don't grade them within the voice library.

Does the AI pronounce numbers correctly in different languages?

In most cases, yes. It may mispronounce something challenging to say for AI. We would suggest spelling numbers, for example, twelve rather than 12.

Do you have an audiogram feature?

We will release this during this quarter.

How do I get an Invoice along with a receipt?

Please contact us if you do not receive an automated invoice from our payment provider, please check your spam folder as well. In turn, you can contact us at support@voiceair.ai to ...

What is Air Projects?

Air Projects offers users the ability to create long-form audio content.

What are the limitations per project in characters?

The limitation per project is 15,000 characters. You have the option in Air Projects to not be capped with character limits, but please note this is solely for audio genration.

Can I create a project on the web app and it will be available to edit on the mobile app

Currently any projects you create on either the web or mobile applications, will not be available to edit. However, this feature will be available in late Q2 and we will inform all ...

How can I mark voices as favourites?

You can mark your favourite voices within both mobile and web versions of Voice Air.

Do you have a public roadmap?

yes, we do, and you can find it https://roadmap.voiceair.ai/

How long will my projects be available for me to edit.

We want to give users the opportunity to keep their projects for as long as possible, however we have to be able to sustain such a feature. So, currently we are offering unlimited ...

How do I log in to the Voice Air dashboard?

Follow this link: https://app.voiceair.ai/login

How is the character limit for changes calculated?

Whenever you edit and regenerate words, an API call is sent to ElevenLabs, and this is deducted from your monthly character limit. We are working on a solution where the only chara ...

What's the Air Projects feature?

Air Projects is for long-form audio generation, such as audiobooks. You can upload a file, and Air Projects will help you create longer audio files with no character limits.

Where can I find a tutorial?

Voice Air Tutorial - You can use our Knowledge Base, which contains tutorial videos.

How do I reset my password?

Follow this link: https://app.voiceair.ai/my_account

How to use our mobile app ?

Here is a quick tutorial video of our mobile app to how to operate it like a pro! If you haven't download our mobile app please follow the URL - IOS Store - https://apps.apple.co ...

Features of Voice Air ?

Here a quick video of our Voice air features -

Can I use multiple voices within the project?

Yes, you can on both our Air Projects and the Voice Air content creation platforms.

Tutorial or Walkthrough of V2 Version of Voice Air ?

Here is the tutorial or walkthrough of our v2 web application of voice air

Can I delete my project?

Yes, you can.