How can I add pauses?

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Using the pause feature creates an exact and natural pause in the speech. The AI can handle breaks of up to 3 seconds in length.

You can embed the pause where you want the break to occur in your text. For example, if you wish to pause after saying, "Give me one second to think about it.", you'd use the syntax like this:

"Give me one second to think about it. <choose between 0.5 and 3 seconds> Yes, that would work."

However, it's advised to not use too many break tags as it could cause instability in the AI, potentially making the AI's speech speed up or introducing artefacts in the audio.

Just so you know, these pauses are more than just silence between words. Depending on the voice used, the AI might insert vocal mannerisms like "uh" and "ah" during the pauses, similar to an authentic voice.

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